How to Eat like a local!

Ok so you have arrived at your convention or location after a nice ride in our charter buses. You go to the check-in area, register and get your badge...yay! Now you walk around, check out the place, meet people and then...whammo. Your stomach talks to you and says, "FEED ME" What do you do? Where do you go? Simple...NBT National Bus Transportation, your service provider and convention transportation partner has an awesome guide to local restaurants. Ask one of our grou

The positive side of the dreaded corona virus self-quarantine boredom blues!

So, you have taken this seriously and now you are forced to work from home...what do you do on your off time? Obviously staying away from people is the most important aspect of self-quarantine; but it can become really boring after a while. We are so used to being busy 120% of the time that when we have to slow down...well, it is a hard adjustment to make. Aha...but let's turn this into a positive! Having to stay home gives us the opportunity to re-connect with our family,