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Don't Panic...all is good!

Getting everyone together and organizing your group is not an easy task. It takes organizational skills, patience, logical consideration and trust. You must trust that your group will show up as they planned. However, there are times that the last minute stragglers (you know who they are) decide that they want to go with the group now. What do you do?...the bus you reserved only holds 56 passengers and you have 64 passengers now!

You can say, "Sorry too late", or "get me a cup of tea and I'll see what I can do, lol" or better yet, you can simply call us at 888.534.7752 and NBT National will assist you in working out a solution.

NBT National's verified and reliable affiliates list is extensive and our inventory helps us find solutions fast. Depending of your trip details and budget, having two motor coaches is one solution. So is having a motor coach and a small mini bus...but depending on your geographic location, we can send you an 81 passenger double-decker motor coach.

So...don't panic. All is good when you do business with NBT National.

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