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Plan your perfect trip!

Updated: Mar 26, 2020

No matter where you need to go in the U.S., our company will take every step to make sure that it is perfect. Whether your group is comprised of 45 passengers or 450 passengers...our team of experienced personnel knows how to make it happen. Quality, well maintained charter buses that meet or exceed DOT requirement. Professional chauffeurs that are friendly, attentive, conscientious and 24/7 dispatcher access.

San Francisco to San Diego, Chicago to Michigan, New York City to Boston, Fort Lauderdale to Orlando then to the Grand Canyon..yep, that too! Whether the trip is a short distance, or a long 6-10 day trip...we will be there every single step of the way. Our dedicated team members are focused on the details so that you and your group can enjoy the trip while on the buses.

Call to speak to one of our customer care agent and see why 100's of companies use NBT National for all of their transportation requirements.

NBT National 888.534.7752

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